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Figure 2E Survey – Subsidized Organizations Question 3: To what extent do you agree with this statement: management and compliance requirements for service agreements are properly compared to the risk of services we end up funding. They have created a control card to ensure that the way employees use checklist issues is consistent. Card color codes raise questions about the distinction between those that require annual tracking of those that require continuous follow-up. In another example, the description of the activity for home care – the local youth placement service includes three mandatory actions: when a more efficient approach is adopted, it is important that DHHS continue to focus on relationship management and focus on the capabilities of each funded organization and the risks inherent in the services they offer. Apply negotiation capabilities and expertise to ensure that benefits are realized and that ongoing service improvements are identified and implemented. The service agreement information kit contains the triggers for a contract change. These triggers include changes to funding and benefits or changes to other requirements contained in the agreement. Either DHHS or the organization can start negotiations on a variant. DHHS works with some 1,900 funded organizations to provide personalized services and services. As part of the restructuring process, DHS commissioned a review of the current service contract management system (restructuring review) in 2017. It turned out that there were conflicts in DHHS` roles as funders, providers, contract managers and regulators, and confusion over the multiple functions of LEO and programming consultants. The report proposed to distribute the regulatory and contract management functions. DHHS has implemented this in several stages: “As we are a publicly funded organization, we must constantly provide the same information for different DHHS departments/sectors.” DHHS provides training to contract service agents, including an introduction to service contract management and training focused on the use of relevant DHHS systems and the continuation of established processes.

Service agreements are an intersection between several priorities, including: we have also found inconsistencies in all health services. For example, Appendix 4.1 of the Funding Guidelines and Guidelines indicates that the mandatory performance index for the FLEXIBLE service response activity of the CCMA is an annual activity report for service activities. Three service agreements in our selection included the flexible response service, but one did not have the service activity report as a performance index. It is important that employees in service agreements focus their efforts on the essential functions of their role. When employees regularly perform tasks that are not part of their role, for example. B compliance with customer requirements, the ability to monitor and deal with business performance issues is limited. Clients of meeting services to solve individual problems and search for information and data for DHHS headquarters are examples of additional tasks that employees have performed outside of their tasks. The multiple and often competing priorities of staff for service agreements reinforce the need for DHHS to clearly define its roles and responsibilities, as well as the most important skills and competencies they need.


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