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You can contact customer service and tell you how to send an email in the cancellation request. There is a number that you must include in the application. FYI: The right of withdrawal is not exactly a return policy. The law requires that all consumers have three days to return a product, service or credit without penalty. This is commonly referred to as the “buyer`s law of remorse.” Pro tip: do you have to leave a Vivint contract? Just sign up for the army! We say it with a blink of an eye, but Vivint has “outs” for active service members. In this regard, and other important considerations of the treaty, we share everything in this manual. (PS – we support our troops, but there are simpler ways to get out of your contract Vivint than to join the army). You must send documents to support these claims. In all other cases, you must pay for your entire service if you want to cancel it. In addition, you must pay a cancellation fee: Note: Vivint locks its customers into long-term automatic renewal contracts and charges them more than $70/month for services (domotics, cameras, central station monitoring, etc.). For the same services (if not better) you can go elsewhere and spend 20 to 32 $US from month to month, without a contract…

mathematics to do. You recognize that Vivint and its affiliates can store and use all the information, comments or ideas you have provided about the Service (including all products and services provided on the Service). This information can be used to provide you with a better service. Vivint can open and manage a subscriber file. You agree to notify Vivint in the event of a change in contact information, including phone number, property, billing and email address. Did you know that Vivint is one of the best home security systems for active service members. With the Military Moves program, you can move your system without paying for relocation, relocation or reactivation. You can also extend the payment to one year if you are temporarily transferred from home. Here`s how I got the cancellation of my service with Vivint.

In my original contract, signed in June 2011, it is written in the “Services” section (point 2.4): “The initial term of this contract begins on the date the contract is signed and lasts 42 (42) months and automatically continues from year to year after, unless it is terminated in writing by one of our 30 days at the latest before the end of the initial period or an extension period.” On the back of the contract (Article 19), it says: “The full and unique agreement between us is enshrined in this agreement. It replaces earlier oral or written chords or agreements. It can only be changed by the written agreement that you (and married, your spouse) and we have signed. It cannot be changed by oral statements or assurances from our sales agent. You agree that we can store and store all the contracts and other contracts and documents that you have executed in an electronic medium, and all these contracts and other documents will have the same power and effects as the originals on paper. I sent my retraction letter before the extension, but Vivint tried to tell me that I had accepted another 42-month contract by phone. I heard the “phone” they had, and no, no, in the call, I said I wanted another 42 months of service. I asked what the monthly price was, and I said yes.


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