Washington State Pet Agreement

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9. Tenants are responsible and must pay for any damage or injury caused by their pets. In addition, each tenant wishing to keep a pet must pay a refundable pet bond of $150 and a $200 fee for pets when signing the pet contract. Proof of private tenant insurance must be provided by the tenant. 6. All pets should receive appropriate veterinary care, including all appropriate vaccinations, be well cared for and enjoy a healthy diet and be exercised according to their needs. All pets must also be cared for in accordance with applicable government and local laws. Dogs and cats must wear identification signs at all times. Failure to comply with the terms of the agreement constitutes a delay in the tenant`s tenancy agreement and gives WSU Housing the right to initiate a termination procedure. In the event of termination, the tenant is responsible for all related costs. The staff at WSU Housing Services ensure a comfortable, safe and comfortable apartment while you visit the university.

We want you to have as much freedom as possible in your personal life, while ensuring a satisfying and comfortable life for the whole community. Since this is a long-term roommate that provides housing for many students for years, the university must see that its interests are respected with respect to the ownership and reputation of their units. The operation and administration of the municipality depends on the cooperation of the residents. In keeping with this philosophy, we have decided to adopt a limited pet policy that allows tenants who commit to owning pets responsible for having a pet. In this decision, WSU Housing took into account the important contributions that pets can make to the lives of people who value and appreciate animals. WSU Housing has also taken into account the fact that there are people who want to avoid contact with pets and other animals. The animal policy is designed to protect both livestock breeders and non-owners of pets and to ensure that animals themselves receive responsible care. The directive applies to all pets that are kept in WSU cases and are strictly enforced.

All customers can obtain a copy of the directive. By signing this pet directive, the tenant is committed to complying with the terms of this agreement. A pet additive authorizes the tenant to have pets on the rented property. It requires the tenant to be responsible for his pet, which requires that he keep his animals under control, that he does not cause excessive disturbances on the land and that the owner of the animal be responsible for the property damage caused by the pets. The landlord can pay a tax or deposit that the tenant must pay, which is not refundable (a single tax) or refundable (such as a deposit). In addition, the owner determines the amount, type and size of pets that the tenant may have. This document is legally binding and both parties must therefore respect the details of this written agreement. Step 2 – Enter the date of the addendum Pet contract followed by the date of the lease, the name of the tenant and the landlord.

Step 3 – Write down the number and type of animals the tenant may have.


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