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In Icelandic (which retains a masculine-female-castrée distinction in both the singular and plural), kastat is used for indeterminate or mixed sexual references, even when it speaks of human beings. For example, the velkominn salute (“welcome”) is modified according to who is spoken:[36] In this example, the copied non-prefix is the starting line of the “river” head. Another explanation for this study, which finds a correlation between WM and production accuracy, is the inclusion of different types of memory in the search for productive knowledge. The correlation with the margin of operation could indicate that instead of activating automatic knowledge, learners had to do some kind of manipulation of knowledge. Studies indicate that different management and management functions are used during language processing (Linck et al. 2013), but little is known about what exactly these functions are and their role. The correlation with operating margin scores may indicate the use of maintenance, update and lag processes (Miyake et al. 1999; Miyake and Friedman 2012). This indicates a learner`s laborious learning and attempt to “make sense” of the knowledge initially implicitly drawn under random learning conditions. On the other hand, the correlation with reading scores under casual learning conditions is consistent with MacDonald and Christiansen (2002) assumptions that reading tasks can, in addition to memory, develop experience-based language processing skills and thus indicate the emergence of procedural processes.

Future research should take a closer look at the different types of memory involved in random learning. There was a major effect on the state of learning: participants on the random learning condition (M – 94.05%, SD – 9.17%; “Beta” – 1.53, “Forest,” “Z” – 2.97, “SE” – .51, p -003, recognized the match model less accurately than the participants in the explicit condition of learning. (M -98.00, SD – 2.46%). There was no effect of the World Cup or sex (see Table 4). However, the overall identification of evidence of offences against grammatical elements has moved closer to importance and has made it possible to identify the offences more precisely. In addition, participants in the casual learning condition evaluated the evaluation more accurately for the trained elements than for the untrained items (-beta -2.18, ” Forest, z, 2.69, “SE” – .81, p .007)) (Fig.


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