William And Mary Guaranteed Admission Agreement

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This agreement is reviewed every three years, but remains in effect until termination by one of the parties, after written notification to the other party. This communication should be made at least sixty days before the anniversary of the signing. Students enrolled in the agreement can benefit from their conditions for two years after the termination comes into force. The “Race Equivalents” document on the admissions site of W-M (www.wm.edu/admission/transfer), which also takes into account the general educational requirements of W-M, will be updated when the W-M program is modified and after adding or cancelling courses in the VCCS Master Course File without running a new GAA. In keeping with its institutional mission as a highly selective public university, the College of William and Mary (W-M) is concluding this Guaranteed Admission Agreement (GAA) with the colleges of the Virginia Community College System (VCCS) to achieve the goal of improving access for community college students. This agreement replaces all existing guaranteed authorization agreements between W-M and VCCS. There are two ways to guarantee admission to W-M for VCCS students: the university has special agreements with certain colleges and universities to use our students. The Virginia Community College system also works assiduously on behalf of all students attending one of Virginia`s 23 community colleges, including CBT students. For more information on the agreement, please see the links below.

Richard Bland College is a branch of William and Mary. Both colleges are run by the same visitor council. This structure gives RBC students the opportunity to obtain a guaranteed admission to W-M. The guaranteed admission agreement between William and Mary and all VCCS schools guarantees access to safe students who meet certain conditions. We are aware that some students may not meet the requirements of the guaranteed hospitality contract. They can still be considered for admission – follow the standard student transfer procedure. Students who move from a two-year school with an associate degree and a cumulative MPA above a 3.5 degree are generally competitive candidates. The College of William and Mary welcomes applications from students from Richard Bland College. For Richard Bland`s students, there are several ways to guarantee admission to the W-M, including guaranteed admission, promised scholars and the bridge program. Guaranteed admission agreements guarantee you access to more than 40 colleges and universities in Virginia if you meet the requirements of the contract. Just take the necessary courses, get the grades, complete the transfer process – and you`re there! William and Mary acknowledge that certain circumstances prohibit certain students from falling within the scope of the articulation agreement.


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